scrapmetalMulrooney Metals, a division of Mulrooney Trucking Ltd.  buys scrap metals for recycling. Find out what metals we accept on our Mulrooney Metals - Scrap Metal Recyling page.

European Speedway Auto Parts

Call European Speedway Auto Parts at (613) 546-1957 today to speak with one of our professional and experienced staff members or visit our European Speedway Auto Parts page for more information

K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd

K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd. is a multi sector company that includes metal recycling, auto parts, road building, water and sewer construction, surface mining and snowplowing services.  Our family owned, 100% Canadian based company offers services to municipalities, commercial businesses, industrial and residential customers. 

Our local quarry and pit produces top quality limestone, sand, gravel and other construction and landscaping materials

Tub grinders effectively clear and mulch brush and trees

Our tub grinding services are an environmentally friendly method to handle organic wastes by eliminating to need to burn.  Depending on your needs, we can haul the processed wood materials away, or use the mulch for landscaping purposes on your property.

Roll-Off Services with large variety of bin sizes

Our Roll off services are offered to clients with large volumes of waste to deal with and are primarily for construction/demolition, large commercial and industrial companies as well as home owners needing a container for home renovation waste. We have a variety of bin sizes to suit all jobs and can help you decide what size is required for your requirements.

Scrap Metal Recycling is environmentally responsible

Looking to buy or sell scrap metal or alloys? One of the most important services that we offer is Scrap Metal Recycling. It’s just one of the ways we are contributing to keeping our country green.

Our environmentally responsible, scrap metal recycling service helps to reduce metals in our landfills and equally important, offers an economical alternative to purchasing new.


Using recycled auto parts not only helps our environment, it helps you save money.  As part of our commitment to saving our environment and reducing waste going into landfills.

100% of the vehicle can be recycled. All parts are guaranteed or your money back.

Snowplowing & Removal
Its that time of Year Again!

Snow Removal and Snow Plowing

Have you arranged snowplowing and snow removal services to keep your commercial or industrial property safe during the winter months?

If you want to know more about this service, visit our Snow Plowing and Removal page or call us at 613-548-4427

Scrap Metal Prices
Check changes in scrap metal

Bring your scrap metal to Mulrooney

Scrap Metal prices fluctuate on a daily basis with the world stock market.  For details about the Scrap Metal we accept, please visit our Scrap Metal Page.

If you want to know today's scrap metal prices, please call us at 613-548-4427

Our Quarries & Pits
Quality Aggregates for every project

Mulrooney Quarry and Pits

Our quarry and pits produce top quality aggregates and soils for construction and landscaping projects. 

If you want to know more about this service, visit our Aggregates page or call us at 613-548-4427

Our Company

Career Opportunities
Always looking for skilled labour

Career Opportunities at K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd.

If you are interested in a career at K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd., Visit our Career Opportunities page and upload your resume.

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